Help For The Haunted By Tim Prasil- The Minister’s Unveiling

The Minister’s Unveiling is the first story in the book, and is written in the third person by Ludmila Prasilova/ Lucille Parsell as she acts not only as Miss Vera Van Slyke personal assistant but biographer,

It hard to pin down want Miss Vera Van Slyke really looks even Mr Prasil only shades in a very few of the details, only that she could be anything from her low thirties to the mid-fifties, Ludmila Prasilova/ Lucille Parsell has a little more colour, the two having meet some weeks before at fake seances were Miss Van Slyke unmasks Ludmila and her mother frauds

The tail tells of their first real investigation into a ghost living inside a catholic confessional box, as always with Mr Prasil there a few bends in the road before the mystery is solved, and many funny lines and even funnier people, Father O’Neil being one and Lucille having a beer for the first time in a most strangest of places.

I did very much enjoy this first story and I look forward to reading the rest of book


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