This week we (me and my Dad) spent a lot of time on Ezri pulling up a curtain on the right hand side of her, not to close to the fire. It was so want easy because it was mostly in bits, the only thing that you have be mind full of its the thickness of the wood.and the when you hang the curtain its nowhere the flue of the fire.

With all the work on the inside want must-an be forgot are to moving parts on Ezri’s outside, the first thing is the engine bay board which simply put is a wood cover which covers the engine and you stand the problem is that the one I have was even was never weather the right way so, its splitting and barking a part, Measuring tape in hand I work out a replacement. the other thing was the nice people at Blue Water Marine put a tunnel light so Ezri is no longer blind.

Working out how the flow power runs though Ezri is both easy and hard at the some time I can get the lights to work one switch and a button and there on but when it comes to the plug sockets there is still a stage I am missing, Ezri’s power comes from her engine so one of two things need to happen for the sockets to work. I need to run her engine and switch two more things. But like I said a few weeks I don’t know how much diesel I have,


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