After building the bed last week today task was it test everything and work out want each of the buttons on the control panel do without starting Ezri’s engine I was able to put all the cabin lights on and see which bulbs need changing, the second job was test the power sockets, but without turning on engine don’t work I think the battery needs charging I don’t really know how long for so I didn’t switch it on, for two reasons the first being I don’t want to up set people with the noise and second I have no idea the amount of fuel I have.

I know that sound like a cop-out but to switch on the engine and bunt all my fuel just to test I can charge my phone does sound waste full, the lights came on so I know the power is working,

Ezri is covered in ply wood which is a good and bad thing, the good that she feel warm, homely and bright the bad thing is that leaves a lot of places were you find splinters and rough ends rubbing, I have sand paper to clear a lot of this but takes age to find, I guess I only find them when I stop looking.

Just like last week I did take some video, I had planed to add a voice over but I can’t find a way of recoding my audio so I don’t sound like I am in wind tunnel, So for now here is the video with live sound.


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