NarrowBoat Ezri – Beds, bolts and Switches

This Friday has been all about working things out. First working out want I need inside Ezri so I can live on her and second which switches do want and why.

The first bit of that very simple, You look around and make a list bed, chair desk etc, etc then you look at how much space you have and rip up the a start over. On a narrowboat things like furniture has be multi use, so that room is not taken up and wasted, This were a shop such as IKEA comes they sell cheap-ish furniture, the cost of getting some hand made would far out strip my budget.

The thing have is called a Lycksele Lovas which doubles both as my sofa and my bed, it fits nicely look ok in the space, it was a bolts and bits but with help from Dad we were able to put it together.

The next job was to switch on the engine, I saw it done before and I had even printed out the right page in the engine hand book, and it looked and sounded simple turn key wait turn key again engine running.

And yes that’s how it works when you want to move but when you don’t want to move that’s were I fell down, you have to take the engine out gear, which I didn’t but thankfully one of the guys who lives at the marina show me how, He also told me about two other switches which control the flow of power from the engine to the lights and how there work so no-one just me can move Ezri.

As promised I have a video for you but not the one I have planned, this a very rough look around Ezri and at the sofa both in bit and together, and when I have worked out how edit and do a little voice they getting better. But for now here is you first look inside Narrowboat Ezri


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