NarrowBoat Ezri – PaperWork, maps and photos

The last two days have been all about the paperwork and maps, After filling in the insurance form with a little help from the nice lady at Blue Water Marina, I was told how about much it will cost cover Ezri its a small three figure sum a lot less then a for a car, a bike or house so I am happy. I just need to pay for it.

I when that’s done I will be able to get my waterways license, and really that will be the last two set of official bits of paper I need, With that done I could just move Ezri whenever I wanted but I have to finish the work I am booked in for until the end of may.

Which would mean I would have made a few stop – start trip and keep coming back, My plan is to leave from Blue Water Marina to journey as close as I can to Manchester, (the canal doesn’t come into the town I live in) the whole trip is seven days long, a total distance of 75 miles 5 furlongs and 86 locks and many other things I will have to work out how to use them.

Working out a trip like this is not that easy Google is not your friend there is no button you can press which will work out everything in a split second, Google can’t even tell a river from a stream, What you need to do is use a place like, or the both of which give a full working map of the system,

Canalplan lets you pick a start or finish point any were on the system and gives you a full itinerary and even lets you see it on Google maps but don’t just print out the map or you will end up on dry land.

The canal and river trust maps is just that a map you can follow some on the system see all the live information but there are one or two networks missing or ones that don’t link to anywhere,

So the best thing to do is use both maps or go to places before hand work out the best thing for yourself

As I have said before Ezri is a total blank canvas, I and will blogging/ vlogging everything I do which starts next Friday but for I have posted a few photos of Ezri over on my Flickr page

If all goes well the adventure should start on the 25th of may, but they will be more post here and videos over on you tube will before that. So that all for now see you next time and if have done thank you for reading Featured image


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