As of 3 o’clock this afternoon I now own Narrowboat Ezri, she is a 35ft Cruiser Stern (open back deck, with room for a number of people to stand) She was built by Calder Boats in 1997 and has a  Beta Marine 3 cylinder diesel engine

The plan is to make her my home, But before I do there are two bit of paper that I need in order to move her from were she is now (Blue Water Marina) to were I would like to go.

First being a waterways License and the second Narrowboat Insurance,

The license will let me stay on most of the in land waterway of the UK, the money goes to the up keep of the system so its just like road tax but cheaper and you see really see how the money is spent.

Everything man made on the waterways needs insurance which is just the same as your house, your car and even yourself. So if anything goes wrong you will have the money to recover.

Ezri a total blank canvas, for now she only has a cooker, a fridge, a shower and a Multi fuel stove, Oh yes and a toilet. over next few Fridays with a little help I will be spending my time putting in the things that I will need, Now you may think that having so few things to start with is going to be hard or you’ve seen huge boats with all kinds of crazy things,

But all that stuff cost money the bigger the boat the more license you pay, the more stuff you have bigger insurance bill and the end of the year I didn’t buy Ezri to be a floating money pit, She will be my home and if you brake down most homes what really are they a place to eat, sleep,be clean and feel safe

And that’s want Ezri will become for me.

Now the journey will take me seven days, I have it all planed out but I not going to tell you all just yet as like I said I still need a few things so the next blogs are going to be all about that,

The idea is to post a written blog everyday I do something and a video blog over on youtube at the end of the week which really be a recap in voice over about what has been done and want I will be next week, and I will be posting photos on Flickr and Instagram So I hope you can join me as I start this new adventure



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