Thunderbirds Are Go… Well maybe

I have just seen the new Thunderbirds TV show on ITV and I have to say it was full of action, good plot and full of things old fans will get and a few things that didn’t work so well, But over all a good start or it would you see. Today was a one off ITV shown it at 5 ‘o’clock Saturday afternoon, big viewing figures whole family watching, and in this day and age how many show can say that. Now if you want to watch the rest you will have watch them at 8am Saturday morning on their kids channel CITV or press record on you digital box, were no doubt it will sit unwatched for weeks, then get deleted without being watched

So ITV you just spent a shed of money on rebooting a family show will so much history which could make you so much more, could have gone head to head with Doctor Who. and want did you do you bury it. Because….

Thunderbirds safe_image.php


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