Make Your Own Kind Of Music

A few hours ago my friend Helen wrote on her facebook wall

Served someone who used to bully me in primary school today. It’s been over twenty years yet my heart was in my mouth. They didn’t recognise me. Guess that makes me the pathetic one.

Within seconds we rallied around her, telling her that she wasn’t  pathetic, and one of her friends said something amazing

Helen, they bullied you because they wanted to be you. Your warm heart glows in your eyes. Not everyone has that. Your bully, certainly didn’t and didn’t want you to have it either. Keep glowing gorgeous woman! xxx

And the whole thing got me thinking, about what we carry around with us, without really knowing, long forgotten memories or full colour ideas, they all shape us, they all  drive us in some way, Helen’s random encounter with her own history will just hopefully reinforce the good she has done so far in her life,.

She is her own boss with her own rules, without really setting out to she rose above all the hate and all pain, That bully whoever they are can’t know and never will know the simple joy of being Helen’s friend.

And that’s the whole point of it, it doesn’t matter want people do or say, go and make your own kind of music


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