Everyone is Equal

Yesterday I watched Emily Graslie perform an original poem

All about how there aren’t many woman in the sciences, and if there are they are being drowned out or are treated as some kind of novelty children,
Well it must be an American way thinking because were I grew up and still live it’s a novelty if your mother didn’t or doesn’t work. I not just talking small job like working in shops or part job, I talking running huge departments and travelling across the county before the age of the internet. And still being able to hold a family together
Now you may say all that was in the in past but I call bull all you have to do is look at the last lot of GCSE tables the girl out perform the boys year on year, and from want I have seen they will just carry on getting better and better.
I personally know three teachers, two car mechanic, an self employed florist and a stand up comic and that’s just off the top of head the list goes on and on all woman all equal in the eyes of people around.
Ok the pay thing is totally crap everyone should get the same, they do I the job I have everyone is equal, same take home pay, same hour even the same job description, same hard work.
So what the hell American you keep saying your all for equal rights but really your not if its not written your don’t believe it so here is it EVERYONE IS EQUAL . full stop end of sentence

Emily poem in full
Written August 27th, 2014

We need more voices in science
to step up in defiance for those characters
that get erased from our stories; accolades and glories granted to counterparts
as though we didn’t have the smarts to achieve
the impossible, believe in the improbable
and create the unthinkable.
It’s unthinkable to me that our hindsight is so blinded.
Turning the cheek too many times makes me think you’re shaking your head:
no, no, no.

“Hey – you look good in that dress today.”
Pay no mind to the mess that comment made
of my self-confidence. It seems pretty obvious
the words they think are innocuous are noxious,
breeding doubt and insecurity, feeding bouts of fury in me
as I hear the same phrases repeated to the women in my classes,
our lab mates and the masses of budding genius minds
that yearn to focus on their hypotheses and methods
but instead they’re distracted by those words left unretracted:
“you look good in that dress today.”

If you tell her that she’s pretty before you tell her that she’s smart,
don’t be startled when she starts to parcel out and pull apart
her individuality. Trading physics books for glossy magazines.
Instead of figuring fifty ways to solve differentials she’s counting up
fifty ways to potentially please her partner,
wondering – is this what is appealing? this feeling of cheapening my intelligence
because we’re terrified to be marginalized for tying to have it all,
all the while face burning, yearning tears not to drip drop while your stomach flip flops
at being called out for a love of learning.

Just between us, from one woman to another
it’ll take a while to recover while we wonder without ignorance
why there are so many instances of being told to be a mother
before we’re told to be discoverers.
And I hope in twenty years or maybe less
we’ll be blessed with plenty of reassurances that our work
is recognized for its significance, and the difference is
we’ll be standing up for our accomplishments – not alone but with accomplices within our fields.
Our fields.
And it won’t be such a novelty to be so proudly standing up for our beliefs
and our discoveries.
We need more voices in science, and not those that just say, hey-
You look good in that dress today.



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