One Pan Cooking

To cook for yourself can be a pain in the ass, if you go down the micro meal lane in the supermaket its all two minutes this two minutes that and want you end up with looks nothing like the box. And if you look in cookbooks and plan out things it takes longer to cook that it does to eat and you have a huge mess.
So we need something simple a one pan meal how about beans and sausage or if your on the other side of the pond fank and beans.
I know you can buy a tin of them were is the fun in that and your not five years old, it sounds better if you made them.
We begin with three thing a cheap tin of beans in tomato sauce and jar of frankfurters and I like to mix little mustard sauce


Oh yes a pan and something to cut up the frankfurters with they cook better that way but its up to you. Be careful knives can be sharp. When you have cut up four of the frankfurters put them in the pan then simply open the tin a pour over the beans cheap beans have ring pulls so you don’t even need a tin opener


Mix the frankfurters and beans together covering each other in turn now add heat under the pan until you see heat rising out of the pan, I added my mustard sauce at this point and mixed again for few minutes.


Watch to make sure that the pan does not boil dry so let say 10 minutes in all, or when your happy with want everything looks like.
Pour in a bowl or on to plate


The bead is optional, it may not be as a quick micro meal or as good looking as a cookbook meal but it simple easy to do and very filling and in end you will feel as you have made a real meal not prepared one


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