Let Me Take You Down Page 43

Alec took a deep breath.
“You mean that you have feelings for each other.”
There was another pause this time a little longer
“Yes, but not only that.”
“Your, telling me that someone found out.”
“But I’m not sure who.”
“Deborah, I’m not in Manchester now but if you like I could come and see you tomorrow.”
“I could…” Kyra said
“Who that ?” Deborah asked a little frighten
Alec gave Kyra a quick glance and moved the phone closer
“That was Kyra you met her to.”
“Oh, I remember,”
“Deborah its Kyra again, can ask you something.”
“If it will help sure.”
“Did you write letters to each other ?”
“A few, but not many, is that all ?”
“Yes, all the questions I have for now.”
Alec moved the phone back.
“Deborah, it going to be Ok,”
“I know it will, just want to sleep now.”
“If there is anything more you want I just a call away.”
“Thank you,”
With a soft beep she ended the call Alec didn’t put his phone away he just dallied another number
“This DCI Prideaux I want a car tonight to patrol Wilmslow Road.”
There was the sound of speech on the other end which only Alec could hear, after a few seconds he put his phone away and turned around to face Kyra.
“What besides the letters did you find ?”
“A laptop, web cam and a box of pictures.”
“Right…Hmm when we get back to the station, I want you two…”
“Sorry to interrupt, but.” Lynn said.
She was turning the car into the car park, she found a space in no time and together they walked into the station, when they reached the reception Lynn held out her hand.
“The others are up stairs and this were I have to leave you Sir.”
Kyra and Charlie were a little taken a back when Alec took Lynn’s hand and gave her a hug.
“It was nice working with you.”
She smiled and hugged him back.
“Nice seeing you again.”
Alec let go and gave Kyra and Charlie a smile then walked away.
“Shall we go.”
The room that had been set aside for them was four times as the last and was on the third floor of the building giving them a view across the row of house below.
Sally had emptied all the boxes and neatly stuck up all the photographs on three wipe boards on each side of the room separating the pictures by the wide area shots on one, closer shots of Jenny laying on the canal, and the last board the post mortem one and the copies of the report sheets.
In the centre was a wide table with two laptops and a small group of chairs, Ian was sat in one and Sally the other both heads down working. As Alec opened the door Ian stood up.
“You two look as if you have everything well in hand.”
Kyra and Charlie walked in and stood by Alec
“I have most of the stuff up.”
Sally said looking up for her laptop, Alec walked over to a free chair and sat down
“Kyra, says you have a Jenny’s computer.”
“Its downstairs in the lab and the letters, but I have copies.”
Sally reached across the table for a folder, and then pressed a few buttons on the laptop the screen changed showing two rows of hand-written pages six in all, Kyra took the folder from Sally inside were the same letters, the others looked at the screen.
Charlie leant in to read the first one, Kyra watched as his eyes went a little wide then he backed away.
“The only problem is there not signed so we’re going to have a time finding out who sent them.”
Alec shock his head and moved away.
“They were written by her a friend.”
Sally looked over at him
“Have you read them, How can you just dismiss them like that”
“Her girlfriend wrote them so…”
“So it’s a hate crime then.”
“Could be.”
This time Ian turned around with disbelief.
“Wait a minute Alec, I maybe getting old but I don’t follow.”


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