The NarrowBoat Lad

Armed only with a ipod touch, Dan Brown chronicles his daily life and posts the videos up on youtube yet unlike the rest of his generation there not done from his bedroom, but from his Narrow Boat Lilly as he traverse the inland water ways Britain.

Its really as simple one man, one camera, few careful placed edits but that’s pretty much it, For almost two years he’s been do this, covering all the aspects of boat life the sights and sounds from the canal tow path to the general liveaboard lifestyle and things all thing in-between.

He’s even written three kindle book all about his many adventurers –

The Narrowboat Lad

The Narrowboat Lad: Living The Dream

A Narrowboat and a Notebook.

All available at UK Amazon and for less that a fiver so go a check them out

I have watch a lot of youtube videos over the years and Dan has to be one of the best, his videos do exactly what they set out to do, inform and entertain, it could be as simple as showing you how a lock works or talking about history place he finds himself in. He makes you feel as if your the only person he making the video for

So please take few minutes and go a check out his videos


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