Manchester Sky Ride

Yesterday I spent nine hours working the Manchester Sky Ride which is a free bike ride around the city of Manchester (in the united Kingdom) a traffic-free ride through the city from 10.00am to 4.00pm, passing some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

My Job was to stand at one of the many road closers, which dotted the city keeping the bike riders safe as they went around the course , My closer was half way up Old Mill Street New Islington, just to stand there making sure that everyone knew what was happening and were happy.

Which was a little easier than done, many people were there and just enjoyed the day watching the riders pass them but others not so much, People trying to drive though my closer which was not happening, but there you it takes all kinds.

The people who lived around the area came out to watch even talked to me, we talked about all kinds of thing from the rebuilding of the house and flat to the state of the football team,

I wasn’t the only one working on Sunday morning there was a young woman who had just finished her chef job a few hours the funny thing was she she had rode her bike to work and had not idea the Ride was going on

The ride is all free and if you started at the marked starting points they would give you and Sky Ride bib so I talked to her about it and even gave her the map I had, I do hope that she will take part next year.

The rest of the day was taken up by just enjoying the sunshine, it did rain a little but my new jacket did its job and even ended up with sun burn, After being away from work for a time its nice to get back into something and really enjoy it, The next thing I will try and do is the football at City so we shall see how fun that will be



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