Let Me Take You Down Page 41

Kyra walked across the room and sat down on the settee, Charlie didn’t take his eyes from the top of the bookcase.
“Charlie your hairs on fire>”
“What !”
“I know you weren’t listening, I’m been meaning to ask you something.”
Charlie turned around to face him.
“What’s the deal with you calling Alec ‘Boss’
Charlie didn’t answer as the sound of a key turning in the lock of the front door, they both looked across as the door open, followed by the sound of people walking into the house.
“Mum, mum !” Daniel shouted as he came into the front room
Kyra stepped forward
“Your not my mum.”
Daniel turned around back to Alec and his Grandmother
“It Ok, Daniel there’s are my friends, This Kyra and Charlie.”
Daniel looked back as his grandmother again, she smiled at him
“Well my name is Daniel.”
Hattie walked over to the centre of the room
“I would like to see my daughter now.”
“Of course, she’s upstairs.”
There was movement which made everyone turned, stood in the doorway dressed in a long dark blue furry dressing gown and pink slippers was Lisa her hair was still down, the first person to notice was Daniel.
He ran up to her with arms out for a hug.
All four watched as Lisa slowly reached down a picked him up, Daniel put his arms around her and rested his head her shoulders, Hattie walked over to her daughter, with her free hand Lisa gave a hug to, for a few minutes no-one said anything it was as if the whole world had just stopped.
It was Lisa herself who broke the mood by putting Daniel back down on the floor and letting go of her mother.
“Daniel will you go upstairs for a bit, Grandma and me want to talk to the policeman for a bit.”
Daniel looked up at her.
“But Mum I had a ride in police car, I want to stay here and tell you.”
Kyra stepped forward, she get down to Daniel’s level
“Daniel, do you have any colouring pencils in your room.”
His eyes lit up
“Yes I do, all the colours of the rainbow, just like the song.”
Daniel looked back at both his mother and Grandmother he didn’t say anything just ran off into the kitchen to the stairs but stopped
“Are you coming.”
Kyra got to her feet and followed
With her mother’s help Lisa made her way over to the armchair, Hattie sat on the arm of the chair taking hold of the Lisa’s hand, a few seconds later Alec took off his coat and sat down, Charlie disappeared into the kitchen coming back a with his note pad.
“Before we start, I would like to say how sorry I am for your loss and if at any point you would like me to stop just say.”
“Just ask your questions.” Hattie said
“Your daughter said that Jenny’s father works in Manchester.”
Hattie’s eyes frosted over
“Have you spoke to my ex-son in law.”
“Yes I have.”
“So you think it has to do with him.”
“Mum !”
“I’m not sure, I just want to find out want Jenny was doing in Manchester, that’s all.”
“Its one of those cheap discount shops, I don’t know the name of it.” Hattie said
“Its called Automatic Dreams.” Lisa answered
“Did Jenny always go to Manchester on her own.”
Lisa nodded a little
“I tried to give her some independence, not having to spend all her time with me, that kind of thing.”
“Would she ever stay with her father ?”
Lisa looked at her mother then back at Alec, her eyes a little unsure how to answer him.
“Its Ok Lisa.”
Lisa took a breath
“Yes, but its only been happening in the last few months.”
Alec didn’t say anything for a long time
“Ok now, I would like to go over the last you …Jenny was here.”
Lisa felt her eyes fill with tears again and her mother begin to grip her hand a little harder.


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