Let Me Take You Down Page 39

Sitting crossed legged she took a few mouthfuls of the warm sweet tea, her eyes all the time on the envelopes she let the tea travel deep inside making her feel a little better, when the mug was half full she put it down on the floor, she reached up to the towel unwrapping her hair she threw it over the back of the chair.
Turning her full attention to the envelopes she picked up the closet one moving it around in her hands she saw her own name and address, she didn’t need to open it because she had read it over and over so many times, she put this one down and picked up another.
This one she did open taking out the three sheets of paper filled with soft female handwriting she skipped to the last page her eyes filling with tears again saw the words ‘with love Jenny’
Deborah took a deep breath and wiped the tears out of her eyes with the sleeve of her jumper then folding the pages back up, without thinking she lined up the rest of the envelopes up in the order Jenny had written them and then started to read them from the beginning, out in the hallway the phone in her coat started to beep.
She stopped reading and fetched the phone, the screen shown a text massage from Amanda so all Deborah did was delete it and go back to reading, she half way down the second page when her phone started to bleep again another message and just like the first one she deleted it but then the phone started to ring, this time she picked it up
On the other end she heard the sound of a very deifying base drum which suddenly stopped
“Hello ?”
“Deb, its Amanda, We’re at the club,” said a very drunk voice
Deborah rolled her eyes
“I would never have guessed.”
“What !”
“What you doing ?”
“You want anything from the take out place?”
“No Thanks.”
“We’re at the club it’s great.”
“I know.”
“Jordan wants to know why didn’t come.”
“I didn’t want to.”
“Your sulking over that dumb girl.”
“You don’t know want your talking about.”
Deborah’s whole body was shaking as she ended the call and dumped the phone at bottom of the bed, for ten minutes she just there thinking looking down at the letters, almost automatically she got off the end and walked into the kitchen switching on the ceiling light filling the room dispelling the long shadows cast.
She ran the bin and started to dig around inside it searching for the card that the policeman had left, she pulled out a pizza box but not finding it she tried again, the second came out but still no card, then there it was resting in the lid of the third box, taking it back into her bedroom she sat on the bed still musing around in her head, looking first at the numbers on the card, then down at the envelopes and lastly at her phone by her feet.

The sound of Charlie’s feet moving down the stairs made Kyra jump a little, she was sat at one side of the table with Ian on the other both had coffee mugs in front of them, next to one of the empty chairs there was a mug waiting for him, the hair brush and other things were all now sat in the middle.
“How is she ?”
Charlie walked over to table and sat
“Fine sleeping now.”
Ian finished the coffee in his mug
“I better get this stuff to the lab.”
He picked up the small pile of things in both hands and made his way around the room
“Need any help”
Kyra quickly made her way around and across the front room to the door she stood there until Ian reached her, opening the door they walked out of the house together.
Outside the evening sky was drawing in, the sun was low and the rain had stopped, Ian walked around the few puddles that remained on the ground Kyra a few steps behind, when they reached his car, Kyra put out her arms so Ian could have his hands free to search for his keys.
He opened the boot and reached around inside making space, he took the things from Kyra and carefully put them inside
“Thanks, we should have a few answers by the time you get back.”
Kyra watched Ian switch on the engine and pulled away, then she turned and walked back into the house, Charlie had moved over to look at the bookcase, his coffee mug still stood on the table untouched, even when Kyra shut the door with a soft bang he didn’t appear to notice.
“I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”


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