Manchester Comic Con 2014

I sit in cafe Nero next to the midland Hotel as the rain pours down outside its a quater to ten on a saturday morring. I am here because a few yards down the street at manchester central is the Manchester Comic Com this will be the frist one that I have ever been to, I have been to little fan club gathering but this will be a frist major one. I bouth my ticket over the internet are few weeks ago which cost me £10
I am here on my own, so I join the Q like everyone esle its still pouring but most people are happy, The people around me are mostly cosplay some I recognised and can name but others I don’t have a clue.
The venue staff are all making sure people are in the right place and a few are selling rain macs £2.50 a pop but not many people take them even the cosplay people don’t.
To be on the other side of all this is an odd thing I can work out there staff’s moves one by one even the fact they have open the doors early and have started to let people in. My ticket says after 11 o’clock I am a little worried want will happen when I get the door as its only just ten now.
We go around the bulding to the left hand side, the Q is now a little longer but the group is still happy, the rain has stopped a little so the ground is full of water so a few people are getting there feet wet, there is an open door, so everyone is getting there tickets ready I know the form so whithin seconds I am inside.
The whole place has been given over to row upon row of small stall and booths will all manor of cazy things the frist few are t-shrits mostly pacific rim, doctor who and a few others I have look hard to find a Star Trek one, but nothing really takes my fancy, walking a little more deeper I see the Runespace booth which is a game I know very well I spent a two years playing it on and off, It looks far more cazry and far more complicated since the last time I played it.
Above my head there is sign about the guess stars I will go and see want its all about back in a minute I just have to do somethings.
That was amazing I just meet Mr Vic Mignogna Ok I knew he was going to be there but still, I have wrote here before about Star Trek Continues and about there Captain’s Log competition they ran so want better thing to do that give him a copy of it, that’s really all I wanted to do, but he did so much more than that he took my photo with log entry with own phone and even signed the copy I had, it was wonderful of all the things he could do he did that. I really am blown a way. So now I have a captains log signed by Captain Krik himslef, well worth the standing in the rain.
Stepping to one side I can see the rest of the guess three members of cast of Red Dwarf chris barry, hattie haridge and robert llewellyn and Mr Robert Llwewllyn’s wife who once guess started on the show. There are also three guess stars off Matt Smith run of Dr. Who but only one really remeber was Ian McNince.
I going to have another around the hall for a bit,
Looking around I see so many Matt Smith Doctor’s its getting a little cazry oh look there’s another one a fez and a brown suit oh its a girl hey batman a really cool batman.
I am going to stand over there at the far end of the hall, I will take a few photos, even at 33 years old its an odd thing to ask someone for a photo but if you ask nicley they are more than many to help.
I keep thinking about genevieve marie who I follow on facebook, (she cosplays as black widow,  various star trek offices and catwoman) I have to feeling that if she was here she be mobbed.
Talking of The Avengers tony stark seems to be the easiest one at minute to spot, and Finn from adventures in time and space a fur white hat a ruler is next
Wow that makes you think Robot Wars was huge once now look at it a samll ring a handful of people such shame, there is still crowd watching.
Its picking up now the floor space is getting hard to find the families are comming in, it was moslty die hards or early brids before, One second there something I know, traidding cards full sets a £ 5 each I wish could rember want I have.
Comic books and the artists to that’s cool all independent books about £15 but I am still over the moon about Mr Migogna turns out he sings as well,
Anyway back to looking around and photos. Wow its filling now, it odd everyone keeps apologizing for getting in my way even the people in costumes if this was any were other than comic com you hear people yelling and kids screaming, but people just so nice.
Four times around the hall is enough for me I think I will try and head out its quater to One, three hours just enjoying the company of like minded people a few of the things I don’t understand still and few of the things I am into have fallen by the way side but for my first comic con I really did enjoy myself.




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