The Salvager

Almost ten years ago now the Discovery channel here in the UK broadcast a set of programes called The Salvager, Hosted by Mr Rico Daniels, who in each episode would salvage and sorue many of his materials from very various divers places, ( salvage yards, charity shops and even his own back yard) then come up with somthing to make them into, so with power tools in hand and little from his assistant Donna they would by the end of each episode have a extremely interesting piece of furniture (a bedding box, a leaded glass front bookcase and DVD/TV stand) which would not only cost less than its factory build contemporary but look stunning too,  the first series was flimed his own workshop in Southend on Sea, but follwing his move to France the show was renamed Le Salvager, and Mr Daniels continued his one man crusade to take the discared scrap of this throw way society and turn it into things that would last life time. The both set  shows  are repeated endless on freeview channel known as Quest. But as for Mr Daniels himself the only information I can find is from the man himself post his facebook page dated 8 Nov 2012 taking piching two new ideas the production company who produced the original shows I am making Mr Daniels sound like any TV personality but truly he isn’t he far more that, he shown more those few programes than you will ever see in weeks or days of another DIY show, showing the world that a few simple materials and the right tools anything can be accomplished so if you ever have a spare 5 minutes please check out the show it really will change your life



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