Star Trek – Into Darkness into The Light

I have just found out that the new Star Trek flim will not be comming out until 2016 and then it will have go up against the Star Wars flims, Now I not getting into the whole JJ Abrams cat fight only to say that using other people’s words is just and Star Trek fans are far smarter than that.
So two years is a long time to wait, for something that may or may not work, in the old days people would go back to reruns or find adventure in the books and stories.
But now with the advent of technology and the internet real Star Trek can live and be shared around the world.
I have talk before about Star Trek Aurora ( So this time I am going talk about one of the many live action fan flims Star Trek Continues (
Vic Mignogna and a rag-tag team of professionals carry on from the very second were original crew left off and aim to complete the last two years of legendary five year missions with a little help from kickstarter and so far they have three full length stories, they even have James Doohan son’s Christopher taking on his father role as well as some other wonderful actors.
And that’s only one of the fan films so why do we need a huge big budget big screen story when the true heart true essences of star trek lies in hands of its fans



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