Were did you go

In the past few I have noticed the people who read my posts have taken somewhat of a dive, I can put this down to things :
1) I have not been posting very much.
For which I am sorry for or
2) What I have been posting people don’t like
For which I not sorry for, this blog is mine so I will post want I think people should know about, so the last few blogs have been about two dead actors Rik Mayall and Sam Kelly the other was the song writter Gerry Goffin. Those people were and still inporant it wasn’t jummping on the band wagon, they shaped my life I knew want they did and who they were, before they were all over newspapers
And before that I told most of the fan base for John Green off being bunch of sad little tolls after they started to heeping hate on one girl for not liking his book The Fault in our Stars.
So if people are going run away when they don’t like something that fine, but don’t shut your eyes to everything in this world staying in the same small little group you will miss out on want there is out there.


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