People are just dumb

Today I watched a BBC news report about a 17 year old school being killed by a Polar bear on a school trip in 2011 organised by the British School Exploning Society,
It has taken this long to have a inquest in which they are trying to a Mr Reid for not shooting the bear quicker as it atacked the boy.
I think the real question really should be ‘Is why hell were they there in first place?’ I am fine with people exploing the world and learing about place animuals, but you don’t stay in a place that belongs to them, just so you can cross it off some dumb list.
Its not the Polar bear who is at fault here its the people, the bear was just being a bear.
Now they have killed the bear and are trying to work why did want it did, here’s a clue the people were in worng place. The world has lost both a 17 year old boy and a Polar Bear and for want


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