Let Me Take You Down Page 37

She said taking more of the coffee but leaving her hand were it was, Charlie looked a little puzzled at this.
“I mean you don’t sound like the others, you look like a policeman, you even talk like one, but …”
Charlie appeared embarrassed a little
“No I don’t mean like that.”
Charlie relaxed
“I will let you get some rest.”
Charlie started to stand up
“We will find whoever did this,”
Lisa nodded taking one last mouthful of coffee, she tried to the mug on the side, she couldn’t reach so Charlie took the it from her as he did his touched Lisa fingers and was shocked to find the tips were ice cold.
She lowed herself deeper into the bed and under duvet, Charlie put down the mug on the table and switched out the light, the room once again become filled with gloom, Lisa moved around the bed trying to get more comfortable.
Before Charlie left the room he found one of his cards and placed it next to the mug and quietly and softly across the room, when he got to the door he took one last look back, Lisa had curled up again facing towards Jenny’s picture

Outside Alec found the rain had now stopped but the wind was beginning to blow a little so he pulled his coat shut around himself then, followed WPC Lynn Russell though the small gate they made their way up the street to the waiting patrol car, Lynn made her way around to drivers side with a soft click she unlocked the car and got in, she made settled her into the seat as Alec got in next to her.
Following the road around back on to Woodhill Road she reached Peel Way staying left pointing the car onto the duel carriageway she didn’t take her eyes off the road as she reached up to her right shoulder removing her mobile phone from her flat jacket she dropped it down in the pocket between herself and Alec
Alec begin to look around as Lynn made the turn, for the first time he saw there was a huge gap in the fence which ran along the carriageway as they came closer the gap was filled by a new system of traffic lights, beyond them a was a new road to which travelled down into a small dip which at one time had just been a small green field, but now it was a construction site of a half built ten storey office block.
Beyond the moving the cars Alec saw the old familiar TA barracks and the shadow of the Saint Mary the Virgin church in the centre of town, he felt the car slow as Lynn put her foot down on the brake and moved into the centre of the road as they came towards a set of lights.
It was only when they had pulled away from the lights and Alec was once again watching the traffic did his eyes did his eyes catch sight of the huge 120 foot construction crane peering above the flat of the superstore.
“I see you’ve noticed the changes.”
Alec smiled a little shaking his head
“No they happened before I left.”
Lynn steered the car into the third of the four lanes, which headed across the yellow junction box, past a row of advertising boards and on to Bell Lane, she drove the car over the junction box following the line of traffic as it made its way up Bell Lane.
The car in front carried on up the as they reached a supermarket on their left and the pointy were the road became Rochdale Old Road the car turned off into the car, Lynn put her foot down and closed the gap between herself and a small yellow Vauxhall van a few meter ahead.
Alec found himself beginning to relax as the building and houses on each side around them became more and more familiar in his head he counted the time it would take them to reach the bridge that took the motorway over their heads, as the car passed under it he gave a small smile, the road grew narrow with parked cars on each side.
They made their way up the little hill still following the little yellow van, coming out from under the bridge the first thing Alec saw that even after all these years was the Aladdin’s Cave hardware shop., a triangular shaped building which lived up to it’s name the whole place was full from floor to ceiling of all manner of things, so much so that many of the items spilled out of shop doorway and were hung on the wall that faced the road.
All to soon they were passing it and Alec’s view was taken up by a row of houses a few were just plane red brick but there was one painted all black just above the front door there was a white prism with a beam of light entering one end and out the other a rainbow
A few seconds later Lynn slowed down the car as she begin to make a right hand turn and the little yellow van carried on up the road, the on coming traffic became less and less finally leaving a gap for Lynn to turn into Battersby Street.
After finding a space facing back up the street in between a sliver 4X4 and a light blue people carrier, Lynn quickly shut off the engine and took a deep breath to calm her nerves, Alec gave her a modest smile.
“Would you like a minute?”


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