Let Me Take You Down Page 36

the bristles with his free hand he flicked open the bag and put the brush inside, then he carried on searching
Slowly he lifted out the black box he opened it up and found more make-up this time in small neat little trays, in the top of the box lid was a small mirror shaking his head he put it back and picked up the other, just as he standing up the sunlight glinted of a set sliver guitar picks, he pushed them to one side to see there was a small photograph and three CD, he shut the draw then turned towards the wardrobe.
Kyra was lifting out a pair of blue high heel shoes she turned one of them upside down shaking it a little but nothing fell out so she put it back she did it with the four more pairs but each time she found nothing shutting the wardrobe door she turn to face Charlie
“OK Let’s go.” He said walking to the door
Kyra made a face and walked to the end of the bed of the bed, bending down little she reached under it a pulled out a plastic box with a blue lid, she lifted the lid, inside were a bunch of school text books and excise books,
She reached down again and pulled out a second box but inside this one there were two mobile phone changers, a pink Dell Laptop, power cables and a web cam, taking out the laptop putting ti to one side she saw small pile of envelopes all tied up with pink ribbon, put them on top of the laptop she tidied away the rest of things and pushed both boxes back under the bed
“Now we can go.”
She handed over the laptop and the envelopes, Charlie put them into a second bag and they walked down the stairs.
Ian was on the other side of the room picking up a mug, Charlie couldn’t see Alec but as Kyra made her way towards the table she noticed the though the door Alec was making his way out the front door followed by a uniformed WPC, Ian made his way across the room with the mug as Charlie started to remove his gloves.
“Excuse me a minute.”
“Your OK I’ll do that.” Charlie said dropping a the second glove in the bin
Ian handed over the mug, carefully not to spill any of the coffee, Charlie made his way back up the stairs, he saw though the gap in the door that she was laying under the duvet with her eyes shut..
He took a few steps into the room but as he did so the floor boards creaked a little, Lisa moved around in the bed and looked towards the door.
“I’m awake you know.”
Lisa sat up and pulled the duvet around herself
“Sorry I..”
Charlie hold out the mug, but before taking it from him Lisa used her right hand to switched on a small light, Charlie saw she had changed into a huge white T-shirt with a lion on it, she had also let down her hair, around her neck she was wearing a thin sliver chain
“I’m sure how hot its>”
Lisa blew on it then took a mouthful, she tasted the gin but didn’t say anything
“Charlie wasn’t it ?”
“If your Ok I will…” he stopped himself “Sorry”
“That’s alright, please sit down.”
Charlie moved his feet a little but didn’t move
“I’m not going to start crying again if that want your scared of.”
This time Charlie sat down on the, he didn’t want to look Lisa in the eyes so he picked a spot just above her head, Lisa took one from the mug and begin to play with her sliver chain between her fingers, her mind was full of questions, which she couldn’t bring herself to ask so she started with the easy one
“Does Tony know ?”
“Yes your husband as been told.”!
Lisa stopped playing with the chain
“Sorry, I meant ex.”
“I guess you think I’m just other on of those girls who got pregnant to soon.”
Charlie shock his head
“No, I think your very brave, to do want you have done all on your own”
Lisa smiled a little
“I wasn’t always on my own, you know.”
She looked over at the other side of the room at the picture which stood on a small dressing table, Charlie followed the gaze and saw the picture was of Jenny about two years old sat in her pram, he looked back at Lisa.
“I don’t know what to say…I promise you we will get whoever did this.”
Lisa drank some more of the coffee
“I know you will.”
She let go of the chain laying it just between them
“Tell me something Charlie, have you ever lost someone?”
“Only my parents, but that’s the way of the world, not like this.”
“Your not like the others.”


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