Rik Mayall made me do it…

Its 1986 and I am five ages years old sat crossed legged on the floor infront of my Nana huge push button TV transfixed crying with laughter as a grown up dressed in a blue suit which doesn’t fit him jumping around making funny noises and pulling even funnier faces as he tells the tail of George’s Marvellovs Medicine this man name is Rick Mayall and to my five year old mind, he’s the best storyteller in world, it didn’t matter the set he was using shock everytime he moved and the props were all set up, to me for that 10 minutes he was the world
Lighting up the TV showing me that grown up were just as mixed up as the rest of us.
When it was over I didn’t want it to end in fact I even tried to really make George’s Medicine behide the garragies by my own Grandmothers house with the help of my bother and two cousins
We were never as brave as George to give want we made to anyone but it was fun trying to make it.
And now age 33 I still remember having my life change from the black and white to colour opening my eyes to world around me and all Mr Rik Mayall did was tell a simple story.




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