Let Me Take You Down Page 35

Using Alec handkerchief Lisa wiped her eyes trying to focus
“What for DNA you mean.”
“Yes, you can take it from a hair brush.”
Lisa reached down for the mug and with shaking hands took a few mouthfuls, she put the mug down and then slowly herself out of the armchair and ambled across the room towards the pictures, Kyra glanced across the room to Charlie and together they walked thought kitchen and in a few seconds there was the sound of footsteps heading up stairs.
Alec and Ian watched Lisa carefully a little unsteady on her feet she reached up and took a picture from the wall, Alec saw it was a very young Jenny wearing a blue school uniform holding it to her chest she made her way back over to the chair.
She let herself fall back into the armchair pulling her legs up from the floor she rocked back and forward, Alec bent down level with Lisa and wrapped one arm around her shoulder, she stopped rocking letting her head rest on his arm, he took the picture from her and then sung his arm under Lisa’s legs lifting her into the air, she didn’t move just let it happen.
Alec carried Lisa into the kitchen,, he it was the same size as the front room, the floor was covered in soft lamented wood and the soft yellow walls were matched by a set small sandy coloured tiles which started at one side of the room, they ram along the far wall under a window and behind a sliver sink, then under two wall cupboards.
Next to them stood a huge double door fridge covered by children’s paintings in the middle of the room was a small round dinning table with four chairs just to the left was a small carpeted staircase leading upwards
Ian had followed in behind them but stopped at the dinning table, Alec made his way over to the stairs turning a little sideways slowly carried her up, reaching the small landing he saw to his left a door into the bathroom to his right another on which someone had hung a picture of a red steam train, in front of him was a small window and two more doors, taking a guess he slowly walked up to the first.
He pushed open the door with his foot it swung opened, walking over the threshold he found he’d made the right choose, the room was Lisa’s in the centre was a huge double bed covered with a sunset red duvet the light was coming from a wide window that looked out on to the back garden and green field beyond.
Alec made his way across the room the floor boards gave a small squeak, he laid Lisa on the bed moving two of the pillows under her head, she curled up and begin to cry softly into the bed, Alec drew the curtains shut took one last look at Lisa then left the room.
He let out a sigh then made his way over the landing to the second bedroom door, but then changed his mind he walked back to the staircase sat down on the first step and begin to massage the top of his leg.
Down in the kitchen Ian opened one of the cupboards seeing it was full of tins and packets of food he moved on, inside the next were a row of mugs and plates, behind them was a full unopened bottle of gin with one hand he took out a mug an d the gin, he both on the counter top and began to search around for the things to make coffee with,
He found a kettle just to the right of the sink and three jars marked coffee, tea and sugar, he poured a few inches of the coffee into mug and switched on the kettle, he opened the fridge and found a small bottle of milk, the kettle gave a small click as it switched itself off he poured the hot water into the mug and watched as it became black coffee, he stopped pouring with five inches to the top, he picked up the gin again with a thumb on the neck of the bottle he made a small nip with his nail.
He poured the measure into the coffee, lastly he picked up the milk and added this to turning the black coffee light brown, he put the gin back in the cupboard, he was about to pick up the mug when there was loud knock on the front door.
Inside Jenny’s room Kyra and Charlie were slowly going though her things each taking one side of the room, it was about half the size of the front room, the walls were a soft shade of pink, above the small single bed pushed up against the wall was a hung a huge poster of Kylie Minogue stood on stage dressed in her blue and gold showgirl outfit.
On the other side was a small wardrobe its doors covered with more posters, leaning to one side of it was a guitar, to the left of the bed was a computer table and lamp, under a window which looked out over the street was a small chest of draws with a folding mirror and a matching foot stool
Charlie moved the stool out of the way and knelt down he reached inside his coat and took out a small packet the movement caught Kyra’s eyes she turned, out of the packet Charlie out a set of plastic gloves
“Rule One Always wear gloves at a crime scene.”
“But this is not a crime scene.”
“Rule eight, Never take anything for granted.”
He threw the pocket over to her, she took out the remaining set and shaking her head she put them on., With gloved hands Charlie dug around in the bottom draw but found it was full of clothes, he moved on it was much like the first, the top however was full of small make-up bottles and two small boxes black with sliver pattern stars all over, the a hand made affair with her name craved into the lid, next them was a long handle hair brush.
Reaching inside his coat a second time he removed out a small see though bag, between fingers thumb he lifted out the brush and holding it up to the light he saw long thin brunette hairs deep in


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