Welcome To The Rock or Pacific Ocean Blue

This is our last real day here in San Fan in fact its our last day full stop, the 20th will be taken up by crossing the land of the free and the home of the brave, but today is all about water.
Back down to Fisherman’s Whaf pier 33 to catch the boat to the Rock.
Carved by natural shaped by man, Alcatraz, begining its life as a army fortress and then a military prison, then how most people the know it
The federal Penitentiary Alcatraz.
We start at the dock and are welcomed by a park ranger who gives us a run down of all the things that you can see and hear, from were are stood to the new gardens started by the families who shared the rock the prisoners.
The ranger talk ends and most people walk up to the cellhouse for there aduio tour but my and my dad walk all the way down to the model industriese building were at the high of the rocks life everything was made. But now the room lays empty and the only sound comes from wildlife which lives there on the walls hang photos of the last hours of the lives of prisoners leaving the rock.
I take photo and try to imaga what it was like see the golden gate though the windows and knowing that you were not a free man. As we walk back down the room the open next to the ranger bangs shut and just adds to the gostly feeling.
Outside agian in the sun and the heat we make our way into the small theather which is showing a cut down history of the rock in four diffrant languse but just off to the left are three rooms one about the history and mythologhy of the rock, one about the wildlife and the last about the 19 month occupation by the frist nations. (I will not call the native americans or Indians as they were here first the USA was made around them)
We take the path to the top of the rock now, and enter the cell house, there is a line of the aduio guide which I in two minds about taking but there is no way around it so it tooks like I have too.
Doing Time – Alcatraz cellhouse tour, you are guided around the cells, dinning hall, d block and the yard by both real officers, inmates and the residents you can really feel want it was like to be were they have been see want they saw and in some cases feel want they felt.
At the end of the tour your taken into the gift shop, now I don’t like gift shops but this one brakes that rule things they sell you can’t buy on the main land, In one corner next to the steel mugs and book there is a stand with the audio on CD it cost me $10 and if I were I would buy it to as the photos you took will make more sense with it.
We leave the rock feeling some want drained, having seen it on flim and heard about it and now come close to feeling want people who there felt I think its time to be myself again.
We have tickets of the boat trip around the bay now, most of the tour have broken up now, in fact I have’nt seen anyone for since we took the boat back to the peir, so it just me and my dad, waiting for the next boat as I write this.
With a little time on my hands I guess I should talk about last nigths meal.
As I said before china town here is huge we start off on the motorcoah and then we walk three blocks Al points out a few things and we all take photos, the restaurt is kind funny looking but like everything on this hoilday things don’t have to look good to be amazing.
We are shown downstairs were three huge tables are waiting for us its a set menu but everyone still talks about want they are going to get.
Minutes later the waiter comes and asks us about drinks, green tea (without milk)is on the table and is free other things are $2 or $ 5 each.
The waiter has been doing his job so long that his actions are so automatic that even before the people on our table can ask want is going things have happend.
I am sat between Jon and my dad the rest of the table is made up by people I should know and one I do, All the food is put out in fornt of us all on huge plates you just turn the middle of the table around to get want you want.
Yes there are chop sticks and a few people are trying to use them I think about bringing my home but change my mind and forget.
The food its self is very good Jon’s dauther keep telling him want things really are and he trys almost everything.
I find a prawn thing with horsechest nuts which works well and few other things,
At the end of the meal Al walked us back the to motorcoach where Mr David was waiting, we have a evening tour of San Fan. but we end at the cable car it looks as if we are to ride it all the way up the hill,
I now have video of a cable car ride which is cool.
Oh the boat is here so that ends the recall of last night.
We travled all the way under the golden gate almost into the ocean and pass alcatraz once again more videos and even some photos, I was able to hold on to the bow of boat, feeling every wave and crash I still didn’t see any whales just seals.
Just like the boat trip in NYC, San Fan feels some how smaller all the maddness of both city and the maddness I have travled though in the past 19 days, disappers its just me and the sea. Happy and at pace are the overwelling feeling I have now.


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