The Streets of San Francisco or Over the Hills and far away

So why have I desided to give San Fran, it own write up when we are on the city tour, is very simple. San Fran is about eight cities rolled into one.
We start at south end of the city making a wide ach trying to get as close to telegrath hill, that would a very simple thing to do in theory but for two things the way roads and streets and the other being the hills.
I talked about Al a little so it about time I talked about our driver David, (I am not sure Al can say his last name as he keeps says Mr David) he is a good man and a amazing driver, and this his city so it not a problem for him to work his way around.
Up and down we go starting in China town is not  like any china town you may have seen in your own city this one is huge really huge and amazing.
Leaving China town, we travle along Divisadero Street then into lower Pacific Heights, I look out of the windows of the motorcoah and watch as the hills grow higher and higher it feels like seeing a old Yorkshrine town only the homes are not stone but wood and almost thrown up the hills.
On the top of Sutro Open you can see down into the city Al trys to point out were we have come from but the wind is up and people are both cold and they can’t hear him so it back on the motorchoch and the rest of San Fan
We travle down in the park and there has been somekind of fun run or that want it appers, lots of people wearing running gear and numbers, just like most runs people are dressed as sputer heors, then people just in flags…oh ok there people wearing just there numbers and running shoes.
So we it turns out that the cops look the other way, be naked or semi naked is not much of crime in here so I am going to keep my cammra phone in my pocket unlike a few people on the bus. As you may have guessed by now we are in Height Ashbury. The HQ of the counter culguer which is a very place cool if I could get off the bus and just walk though it would be amazing.
And not for the resons you think naked people are naked people its the music that takes my mind, Al is playing Joan Byze and The grateful dead, I am just sitting here letting the music wash over me as the rest of the bus over react to the naked people, but there you go. I did take a few photos of the colourful building and a few signs.
We that was very cool
Turns out there is a meal tonight in China Town the last for the opations, but all I want it get to the hotel and sleep for a bit.
A few more hills, a few more streets and down Fisherman Wafe Al talks more and points more things and even a few of street perfroms there’s a guy hiding in a tree.
Al gets off the motorcoach to get the tickets for the boat trip for tommorw which not the same as the Alcartrz trip, the Whafe is an amazing lots people milling around just enjoying the sun.


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