Moon in Harrah’s

If you don’t have a plan, don’t go out its a simple as that, walking the strip trying to find something to eat at 6:30 at night not good, in fact its hell, I talked before about the crowds of people and how it was hard to move about, well add the heat and you may have a little idea of how it feels.
Even before you get on the strip you have to find the front door of the hotel which is though the every card game table you can think then the slots, it wound’t be so bad but you can smoke inside, which means it really dose stink, I don’t mind somking but the people here do right into your face. Oh bloodly hell people can
So back outside, you have to go up and down to walk even half a street its the most painful thing in the world, I not joking every two feet people are trying to spend your money, and time.
New plan back to the hotel, there must be some kind of real food somewere.
Well there was a Oyster Bar which sold real food, not stuff that was trying to something else,
The Oyster bar is buit around the kichen so you can see every thing being cooked, its almost hidden so you would pass it and carry spending money so we sit down and then Moon came out from behind the bar a old man of aisan desent, unlike the other members of staff who were american loud and they to show off and make money.
So we order and with a small nod and smile Moon walkes away come back a few seconds later with drinks, he leaves once again to work the rest of the tables, about ten minutes later his back with another set of drinks, so another ten later he tells me the food is on way.
He works the table the people around leave but they were half though they meal when we sat down, another ten minutes later he walks into the kichen and cooks our food himself, without getting in anyone way he comes out our food. Think the problem was the chef was showing off to other people to of any real help.
So at the end of the meal kicked off 5% off the bill the discount was happned with everyone, but that’s not the point Moon looked as if he worked four times as harder than any of the four other people working the tables, I gave him $15 just because.


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