Leaving Las Vegas or Yosemite National Park

Leaving Vegas thankfully its a strange place you can watch people willingly give there money away in the small tiny hope they can walk away with life changing sum but that’s how it goes.
We get see the crazy part of Nevara now 95% of the land the US govermet own and want goes on there one …. the prase I heared is it ‘the new don’t ask don’t tell” the towns after Boluder are more like outpost’s until reach a army base and the world seems to come alive.
Here they have the blue angels (like our red arrows) a few nights ago we watch the history channel and on there we saw rebuild there mascot plane and today I saw, so the states is not that big a place after all.
Sand and more sand as far as eye can see, I talked before about how the places we travel though looks like the Fallout game,  You think I joking but you can come out here and see for yourslef, It started out just looking but now it feels like it.
Gold and Sliver at one time now just grey piles of drit used to bulid is all that comes of the mines today, its really sad I saw it happen when they shut the coal mines in england that was bad, But here even the genartion after me have no hope of getting out, We stopped at a one road really that’s want Al calls them, we pass a building shell which turns out once to be a McDonanle which shut two years it looks like it been shut a lot longer.
Traveling on we stop at a little shop which is really the only game in town a subway, burger king and cronder shop all rolled into one, and really that it nothing esle its like the younger people are just holding on because its want there parents have done.
I don’t really know were to start here the other NP can all be classed in little groups but here Yosemite does’nt it starts just a small wood then spreads out slower and slower becoming the most amzing place on the west cost so far I have seen, I have photos and just like the last I am going to just them talking.


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