Gold Rush or Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

We are over nighting in a place called Sanora yes like the song once agian it an old mining town, which now looking for something new to bring life to the town.
We walked the whole town and I mean the whole place in about ten minutes, the shop were a mix of mostly lawyer, boutic shops and places to eat. There is a group of us now looking for something eat, there is a dinner at the end of the street.
Oh man that was funny we were sharing a table with a real scotts man not the sad sour little engish man who dad upset a few days ago, any way that not the point, John is mad, he’s here with his dauhter.
Rule One if you walk into a dinner order whatever there spcial its a lot simpler and you don’t have worry about them cooking it right.
Well as John would say its back to the kip house…
We are on the road one last time heading to the end of the line San Francisco but we have one last stop along the way, the home of Wells Fargo Sacramemto one side of the city is just you think you would find, but as you cross town and head for the train station, the town becomes Old Sacramemto, the west wood sidewalks, swing doors, wood shop fornts as if you had just stepped into 1888. (Think Back to the future 3)
Having walked around for a good hour I do think we should have stayed here for the night ok it bit wild west and some want loud but it have given us all a little more time to look around but I did see a train.
We pass though a tunnel and the brigde rises out of the mist, ok not really but its getting to the end of the trip so let me have it.
Having seen it coutless times on almost every Star Trek flim it some how feels as if I am walking on to set, Went over it which I filmed but from inside the bus so we will see how well that turns out. Stopping on the other side were vistors center is we get to see how the gate cuvers around we even get a chance to walk two third of the way across to frist stone piller  want you forget is the wind, it the frist time I had tie my squiarl hat to my belt.
I look down into the water half expeting to see gorge and gracy but no whaels here maybe on the trip around the bay.


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