A Bolder Advender or Too Damm Hot

I told you I would get back to the Dam and today is that day, this trip is run not by Al but one of the company out here. There are about elevn of us from our group and we all meet at the back of the hotel it hang over from the Mob days which I will get to later.
The bus is called a shuttle which hold about 50 people, like I said we had to pick up a few people so we got to see a few more places around the strip, Vegas in the day is a little sad its like someone let the air out of a ballons is the only ture discription I can think of, the over head sidewalks are half empty but the sun still makes the air around you warm.
So from one hotel to next we go picking up people as our tour guide points out things and talks about want the place was like back in the 1990’s she’s only woman doing this kind of thing most tours are done by the driver, You can’t really ask questions or interact just sit there and be.
We travel though a place called Green Valley I know want your thinking why is called Green when its mostly drit and rock well its named after the man who first put a building down.
We leave down town and the maddness of all that and pass though Bolder City which is the only place in whole state of Nevara were gambling is not allowned, in the begining the city was run by the goverment and when they gave up the power the people didn’t want it Now the Bolder/Hover Dam, without sounding to much like a guide book we join the tour and just like ever NP you have hand everything in to run though a x-ray.
There is a short flim that you watch which explans a lot about the dam it started out being called Boldder because on the of the man who came up with the idea, then later it became Hover because of The Presedant at the time.
We head down to the power room and our guide talks to us about how they stopped the water and drilled to tunnls, we go deeper down and see the genators eight huge water wheel which only work at 5%, but that 5% powers four cities without any problem.
We got to walk around on the dam, its so hot there is a sign about not touching the rail which gets so hot it burns you.
The man made lake, lake Mead the real power, its want looks an old steam boat with a paddle wheel on the back it does go around but I think its run by a engine.
Lunnch was part of the trip which was a ham sandwhich packed lunch I know it does not sound much but it was very filling.
The boat wasn’t to fill so I was able to move around and borther to many people, we got the history of the lake and then slowly inch by inch we got to see the dam and then its history it was a little diffrant from the one we were given at the dam but that’s all aways the case, you piece it together yourself
Sit on the top deck of the boat you don’t really think about but its hot really hot so have water with you at all times, the nice woman on the tour was giving it away but I think that’s just the way her company works.
As always I have video and photo of the whole day which I will post when and if I find a wifi link that works


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