Viva Las Vegas or Rat Pack City

Still on the road and just a few miles outside side of Las Vegas is Lake Mead and Bolder/Hoover Dam, Got you, I just messing with you but I will get back to that later.
So Al is talking about how old Vegas worked greassing a few people get want you want, taking a few funny hand shakes the works.
If you think you know Vegas as the wise guys would say ‘forget out it’ if been to Vegas in the last year or so maybe you got a idea of the place most of the hotels are no older that five years,
You see new building going up by the hour or there are building just left standing just left empty because the money ran out, to finish them or the company went bust in the housing crash.
I had idea of want Vegas would and so far all I have seen is hell, all loud shopping malls, cazy driving and huge hotels all fighting for life.
A few days ago we picked the optional extras for Vegas was dinner and a show I could have been Micalch Jackson or it could have been The Rat Pack. Can you guess which I picked more later…
Holy Hell that was show, Al walked us in (there were about 14 of us) We walked around the line of people buying tickes,
meet Amy who runs the show. We could pick a free t-shirt or a free 4 track CD so I was lucky I got both, and Amy sat us down on the frist two tables, the whole place is done out as an old club tables and chairs down the front and as you go back just seats.
Joey comes on frist and tell a few jokes, building the room I can reach out a touch the guy is cazy, ‘Ladies and Gentleman live direct from the bar Mr Dean Martin’ and Dean walks out. Not a guy playing but Dean Martin himself, he sings a song then walks off stage right past my Dad and to the older ladys in the center table and takes this ladys wine, running jokes all the time and singing. At the the end of Vola he downs the ladys wine but its Ok the girl wanting on tables get her another.
Then Sammy Davis Jr. walks out on stage blue slik suit, the gold rings the works and is standing there singing next thing I know he’s walking the floor shanking hands he walks past me but that’s Ok beacause there’s a table in the way, you may have seen the HBO  Rat Pack flim with Don Cheale in it, but what I on that stage was the real Sammy, even the voices were bang on, he plays the with the table for a while, sings a few more songs even candy man which I not sure is right age but I don’t care Sammy is on stage.
Then, the chairman of the board Fank walks on stage the line up comple and the spell is cast, the Rat Pack live, For an hour twenty minutes they sing, they dance, the tells jokes always playing with room they bring on the bar and then tost the room a few times Fank makes a few jokes and all pick on Joey not so much Sammy I don’t think the orignal black jokes would fly to well, there is lone ranger joke which gets very close.
At the end of show the band leader brings them back on stage calls out there real names and they take bow, there sing one last number and then jump off stage, so you can have you photo taken with them all. I didn’t see how much it was or have the time(we had dinner to go to) but did see that programes were $10 so it must be a little bit more.
The dinner is a all you can eat place, why is it when I find something that looks like chicken nugits does to turn out the be fish fingers, ever damm time.
We pick the people up from the Michael Jackson show and then head to Freemont Street.
Now for those people who are looking for old Vegas icons you will find them here, burried between the chian stores and … (I not really sure want to called them. There are bars and clubs were woman dressed only in there underwear sell high priced boze and cheep food to anyone and everyone)
You will find the old waving cowboy, the golden nuggit and the 4 queen if you don’t know want am talking watch Dimonns are forever then you will see.
The only thing that really saves this is the over head canopy, which on the hour every hour turns into a light show a projected moive which was the band the Doors when were down there I have to whole thing on video


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