Historic 66 or On The Road Again

Our hotel is called GC Railway Hotel and is two street (blocks) away from Route 66 and that how we are leaving town, when we were walking though the town last night the whole place was lit with neon, now in the day light the only thing gives the town life are people starting the Route 66 or the motheroad, Al put a flim on about man who save the little town he lives in when the interstate highway came, Route 66 runs all the way though, Al says we may even meet this wise old, I have been sleeping on and for the past hour now and the flim has some want passed me by, But this part of the road trip is begining to sound more like pilgrimge.
We that was something, its town just like the man said but its half living musum, the other half is pixar flim cars, I kid you not half the cars park up for people to take photo of are from the flim, not crapy copies or just put there, the real cars people were used as a base of the flim, all the guys from piaxr did was to put eyes in the in front windows.
We did’nt see the wise man of the route but I am wake now thanks to the best damm coffee for two days.
I have been taking somthing called Allergy Relief-D 12 hour pills I took one this morring had something to eat then the coffee on the 66 but I still falling a sleep, turns out I am not the only one with a cold maybe we should share.
Up next Las Vegas…


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