A few jars or The Rusllser’s Roost

Well that was fun the meal the whole place was at tripped out old style westen cook house, outside there was real bull a long horn I think, inside are big wide tables and a live counrty band the food maybe simple but is all very good and there lots of it.
There are two way to get in one the stairs or kid not a slid yes, a metal slid like you would have at fun fair, I can’t say it would sound rujde but we all went down.
Once you get over that and sit down at the table there are jars of many colours, jars your would put jam or pickles, the colours turn out to be alcohol, just be careful how much you drink a jar is not a pint.
So our group is spilt across three huge tables, and by the looks of it so is the age group, were I sit I can see a across section of this new group all out to have good time, there are a few people around my own age well at least I think so.
Anyway the food is here I seem to have half a chicken,  most people have gone outside to take photos of the sunset, you couldn’t make this stuff up, one of the tables slops a little, with everything on jars things end up falling over, and that’s just want happend someone beer ended up running the lenth of the table cleaning it up was the easy part. The fun came when people started to find there sits agian one of the older guys in our group sat down in the wrong sat and started to eat the food.
That was beacause his son had used the beer jar to mark his place, the problem worked it self out before anyone really noticed. After the chicken, meat or fish comes the ice cream two scoops of frezing cold, the girls who were on the trip before, tried to remove to spoon which didn’t work to well. I came up with the idea of putting my hands around the glass which didn’t work in fact all that happend was the frist scoop came out in one go.
The live band came back and the line dancing lessons started, I don’t/can’t dance but most of the other people did I just sat there and enjoyed the muisc. To tell the turth I was really in two minds about the dancing thing.


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