The West Coast Delay or Time Fly’s

Time travel hurts my head, its 10:57 am now but when we get to LAX it will be five hours ago so just like on the way we will gain time. So far We have been in a van, train and on funny little walk way, all the get to gate C6, and here we sit
As the east coast part of the hoilday is done, I guess this would the perfet time to refect on want has happend so far.
New York as always has its crazy some parts which are just for the torists all flashing lights, mad on selling everything to anyone they can. But if you look past all that there are a few things worth the time and money. Brocklany brige being one of them.
The Falls were next even in early May the winter weather was still there the ice cold water as it came down stream was amazing, but as you move away you get the sun and the heat, it kind of the best of both worlds.
And will stop the recall here if I may, just to tell you about United Airlines I am writting this on plane, I have said before a plane is just a plane every airline use the same ones. Its what the company do when they got hold of them that pisses me off.
Ameriaca Airlines the little TV thing was free you got a movie or a radio station something to take you mind away. But United you have to pay for it I wouldn’t mind but it old TV shows I found a station that was playing NCIS and my Dad found VH1, they were showing old 60’s 70’s and 80’s music video and NCIS was season one so 11 years old and just as we took off the pay wall kicked in. my point is why should you have to pay of old stuff. New things no problem I would willing pay but not old. Ponit made back to the recap
Now DC I wrote the last time about the feeling I get of comming home. Its not like New York or The Falls I did know my way around both cities, its an odd feeling I can walk DC knowing how things work and that I some how living in history.
My Dad and I made it around three of museum beging with Arcicves home to all the paper work that made this country want it is, the q was long like I said yesterday school was out in a big way once we got inside there was hardly anyone about
The nice thing about the Arcives if you don’t know you can ask and people will go out of there way to help. My Dad found a DVD about the Jamestown flood which we didn’t think would work at home, so one of the profesers or scolers ring the people who made the DVD to find out, and its regon free so it should work.
We tired tried the Natranl History next which was kid crazy full but we did see the hope dimond, and the elepant by the door, the odd thing was I half explaceted to see the girl from the brain scoop running around to (yes I know her name and she works in chargo but one can’t spell her name right and two the T-Rex is there)
Oh by the way to fill you in on TV thing on the plane they have all stopped working so people are moving about about and buying bozze


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