The Way Things work or Hoilday in Two Parts

Right this how our hoilday worked we were meet at the airport taken to hotel though the pourring rain, and were meet by someone new there to who lay out maps and informtion, telling us all about NYC and want to see were go the whole thing.
Having two extra days, me and dad have a little plan which was to see lady libarty (see my other posts) the day after that was just walking around seeing want we saw without any real plan.
And on the third day the tour started I am not going to tell you all again want we did you will have to read the other post. It just works out that from the origanl 54 there are only 10 of us now heading westward. Two of them are young sister traveling on there own a few of the group have adopped them a little, but as that’s not my thing or my Dad’s we have stay away from that.
Now I am guessing that at the other end of plane trip it will be just the same as New York everyone being meet and taken to the hotel and part two will start.


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