L. A. Confidential or Hollywood Land USA

Well they say LA is one big freeway and so far that’s all I have seen from comming down in the plane, and on the ride to the hotel.
His only guide on this jounry is Al a hologram only sam..
Sorry I couldn’t really not do it, our guide is called Al, We have been given a map showing the few blocks around our hotel which feels more like an art gallary than a hotel all black, white and mirrors everywere.
Walking the streets it does feel like a shopping center things are on more than one level and you move across and down all the time.
Al told us about a place called Seasalt a fishgrill/frying place, so will see want its like.
If your in LA and any were near 812 west 7th Street just go to Seasalt its amazing, for the people in the UK is a fish and chip shop on asid.
Breakfast just like the Seasalt place this was a little strange to it run by a small chianse lady with a tiny voice, she so small she can’t see over the counter top and every thing is done by numbers just like chanise take away so funny just to watch
So the city tour I have photos and video just like the last and they all make the place look nice but unlike NYC, The Falls and the rest of the places, its all islands you travel though parts which are falling down or being pulled down, and from want I saw people don’t care to much I counted double the amount of homeless and mean real homeless people pushing there whole lives around in tollies or on there backs. We got the top of were Bevaliy Hills start right in the on a spare bit of grass someone had made there home and put a tent and was living there.
All that money and someone was just there living or trying to live a simple life.
We past Miss Monrow last home which was kind of sad, and that was just the begining list after list of people dying before there time. There are two set of tours you can go on one the for the living and one for dead or somthing called a TMZ tour which is pap one you run down the stars which well I will just leave it there
The city tour ends at Kodak theater (yes I know it called somthing else now but I like it better) you get to see the hollywood sign, it a wonderful thing to see, I keep thinking of the Chaplie flim were RDjr climb the back of it and the other guys pees on it, its mad to think that everything I see is all man made and the ground of orange groves
Part of the tour was a drop off at Univreal Studio just like the helicopter I can understand the resonse people go but its not really for me and my dad,
Walking around LA on a Saturday is very odd everyone moves out leaving only the homeless and the torists, we found Macys which like Boots and M&S rolled into one only people go out of there way to help you we got asked twice if we need help and paying for things was even better, numbers and signs. We found a cupcake shop all girly and sweet but it was a little fun.
Engine Co. No. 28 is were we ate tonight it was good food, wonderful coffee and very friendy staff, so with that here ends the two days, we had in LA.


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