Just One More Thing or In The Footsteps Of Steinbeck

Its 7:17am in down town LA and live on ESPN NBC is the Manchester City WestHam match, I don’t know want to say about it, one half of me is back down at the bottom of the tower running the breifing around in my head. The other half couldn’t give to shakes I am on hoilday.
We are moving on to Palm Springs as Al talks us though want the excursions we are intersate 15 I think, the land has got flat again and the homes have drop off, becomming a train yard a big train yard.
We are in Cherry Valley and stopped at place called Hadley fruit orchards they sell all kinds of dry/soft fruits its been in the same place since 1931 we even had sand strom on the way down, and that got me thinking about the grapes of wroth a little, the jounry they made across this land all dry and covered in sand, brush
We have a trip on the Palm Springs AirCar soon so that will be fun. I should really call this in the steps of cloumb I have so far been three places were it has been flimed.
Oh wow that was cool I mean really cool both in weather and the fact the car moved 360 all the way around I got video going up and down words can’t really explan want it was like at the top so just watch the video and look at the photos.
So we are now in Palm Springs the best way I think of it, is a one road town with multi-coloured shop in the center are two springs and mock up of the place before the 21th cenurty came knocking, all the shops are mostly selling, hats, t-shirts, long flowing dresses and the rest food of any kind.
Its that hot on the main road they have a thing called a mister which throws water into the air which cools people down but warms them up as the walk down to the next block.
The Saguaro is were we are sleeping tonight, it looks like a bomb went off in paint company, Ok that bit unfair but everything is a little birght a hurts my eyes. The room is four colours, and even the door is another so lets see how this night sleep goes.


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