By The Time I Get To Phoenix or Inside Paradise Valley

Its 7:44 am we’re off on the agian. You would think we were traving though a waste land for the people who have played the FallOut games or seen the frist Iron Man film will have some idea of want I am talking about. After you leave Palm Spring, and the rest of the small towns and orgage groves there is nothing just power genartion stations, and that’s all you think I am joking but I have video which I  will be posting soon.
The Colourard river is here so here came the life back into the ground frist bushes then a few threes and frams now growning grass and hay. We stopped at a Flying J arizona on the way, I keep wanting to call a sevrise but its for more than that. They sell real food, frusit and seeds all kinds of crazy things.
We have a place called Goodyear just outside of Phoenix I am not to use want it think is across for where I am there newly built bank, Best Buy and even a Barnes and Noble. But I sat out side a craker barrle the whole outside is done up as old west cooking house there are rocking  chair all out in rows and counrty music playing it even has squeky fan spining as the sun beats down on interstate 10 we came down.
We made it into the center of Phoenix and from want I saw was a city of mining and history which are kind of the same thing the only thing that stands out is fact they have the ancoar of the USS Arizona the ship that sunk a pearl hardor.
Now Scottdale half real world half old west, it hard to look at it all with a strate face knowing that most of want is being sold is not a ture history just want people have chose to pick
Well all the walls are the all the same colour at least, Our hotel for the night is another Saguaro there the desk that runs the lenth of the room is pink and so is the wall behide my head the rest is white.
Tonight is meal out with some of the new people of this trip


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