Capital Beat or The State Of This Union

The over cast sky begins the day in DC, Arlington National Cemetery row by row the white stone crosses grow, how the Amercains deal with there war dead is strange thing it not like Flanders Field because Arlington still works, it doesn’t feel right to take photos. Even when we reached the graves of The Kenndey’s (JFK and his brothers) photos are not the right thing to do your just meant to stand and take it all in.
What I have done is to take the sound recoding of our guide telling us all about it.
We when back to Navy Memorial, in the day light it was very diffrant with even more detal than the last I was about take photos of the all  information boards, so there we have that.
The Korean War Memorial, the nineteen men making there way towards the an amecrian flag as the faces of the fallen look on for the black mable slabes to there right,
The Lincoln Memorial that thebone were his sat down looking across the reflecting pool, halfway up the steps to “The Great Emancipator” are carved the words “I have a dream” words spoken by any another grate man Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I think that says more that anything that one man inspired another and they did the rest.
Then the place of healing and remembrance the Vietnam Veterans, which hard to put into words, just name after name in order of lost starting in the middle and working outwards.
Ok you have waited a long time here’s the big one the White House looking at the map you would see it alone on the hill. But around it are the OEOB down the west wing side and the bank of america the other. You can walk up to the White House even put your cammra though the bars and take your photo as all the FBI, HomeLand and the rest of the alpthbeta watch on. Across the street is a tent which protestes nucluer boms and has been there since 1983.
Have photos of eveything I have been talking about which I will be posting on flickr.
Its thursday so the capitol beat today on the mall is all about the school kids in just the same way the subway in New York was crazy this is just like that long lines and the very loud sound of the school groups


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