Ringing The Bell Of Liberty or The Philly Story

Its 7:53 am so today we are going to see inside Inp. Hall. Philly is a strange place. The old parts inp. Hall the liburty bell are all in a small area, living history in most cases people dressing up telling tails. Of all the buliding and the people who built them. And when you get inside its the same only the bit of history are still there the chairs, desk and even the carpets in some parts.
The Bell and the Hall Nan. Parks which means there free you just go to the window and get a ticket, if you take the time you learn about this country and history for free, in the group we had there were a family of six people raging from 10 to about 6 mounths the middle kids and even there dad knew the anwers to all the questions the mad thing is if asked the same age kids in the UK all they would know would about World War Two not 400 year history but guess we have a lot more to cover.
I have video of the NP Rangers talking and lots of photos so I will be posting them on flickr and You Tube, which just about covers everything I saw.
Leaving the history of a few seconds Philly. is a city of steel built on it formed by it and recycled by it, Like most of the places I have been to so far the place has water running though it. Philly is a port in the same way Liverpool would be. If they started pulling apart the old steel war ships.
We are on the Interstate 95 heading south to DC odd numbers go down even numbers go a across its started raining a little but that will pass soon I have been taking video of the jounney Nancy has told us about the layout of DC the mall, the capiol buliding and the rest. Now there is a DVD on covering the history of it all.
Today is DC by night so I will report back and have photo hopefully.
So its the BlackFinn three blocks away from the White House so you can guess want its like it a real place not all fancy full of workers from the OEOB, TV hanging on the wall CNN on one the other ESPN I am just sitting back and enjoying,
I know its the frist time I am talking about the food on the tour but this feels like almost comming home.
It was good food and good company a doctor and his wife, two ozzy it was very good night.


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