Leaving the falls or Good Morring Miss Amercia

We are all here, really and willing to cross the boarder again back into the USA as we head to Philly. So after last nights dinner which endded around 10, we roll out of bed at 6:00 so we don’t end up sat at the boarder for hours.
Though the boarder crossing without any problem I got called by my frist name, I guess it helped I as and perlight, or it could have been my Beatles T-shrit.
We are retracing Interstate 190/230 so back New York state yes there is a diffrance between the city and state so if there is time I will get into that.
The river is still full of ice some of it hasn’t even moved, Nancy has put on Niagra so as most of the bus sleeps Joeshpe Cotton and Marilyn Monrow play out the memories one last time.
We head though the village of Alexanra passing all the homesteads we see all the kids waiting for the school bus, I don’t know how far the school is or how long it takes to get there but it sure beats the hell out of the school run back home.
We just past a school which was a good 35 40 minutes from were I saw the kids waiting so I am not sure its the same one but its a nice drive wantever
The travel pass the small town of Cambell, with Don McClane Amerian Pie playing over the speakers some people are sleeping our are talking with the green fields giving way to small rivers and mash land on interstate 86, the towns around are all set out in the same, frist come the small huge wood farm house, wide driveways and cut grass gardens then the small homes with look more like tepamory bunkers. Then work shops appaer metal building all glass and steel, parking lots full cars as the people go about the jobs.
And now oddist thing of all graveyards it would appaer as if each town has its very own, each kept neat as new, after that truck shops small restrooms and gas stations
The next thing you see are the brick bulidings a school, power plantsb or a post office mostly the interstate ends the road carries on to take its place and becomes a crossroads then the town begins with real shops.
This trip is full of echos we have stopped at Williamspost so I knew were I was almost a year ago to the day I stood on the same spot and tried to take same photo. Its funny the frist time I took the photo was because I didn’t think I would see it again this I took the photo because I wanted to see if there have been any changes.
Ok I fell a sleep so I am not much of guide so sorry about I will be posting video so you see want I saw, all I know at this point is we are a few hours away from philly
We did stop agian I did post the only thing that imporant was standing notice about the US sevives men and woman so in the middle of busy mad interstate there is a pacefull pace so semper fi.
We made it to philadelphia saw the Rocky step and the man himself now we’re in historic part of town we have all that to come tomrrow so talk then but if anything happens I will let you know


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