The Falls or Power Everywere

We start at 9 am and go behind the falls though the network of tunnels which takes you as close to the falls without getting yourself really to wet, but you do get cold.
The powerfull felling is still there but nothing beats standing on the deck the of ship try hard not to fall over as you take you photos.
Just like last time there are helicopter rides but they are not my thing so there is the aero car, It sounds as if I doing it down but don’t really meant to I understand the power of the helicopter and trill but I don’t get the same feeling someone eles would.
I have the whole Aero car trip on video I do think its worth it like the boat, the helicopter and the walk it shows off the power of the water that the thing about the falls whatever people add in the way of extras you still can’t take away from the ture being of the falls themself.
Now is Niagara on the Lake a place of living history wide open streets wood front shops selling all kinds things, more english food than anything even fish and chips, after the food comes the clothes shop which even more odd, the best examble of this one of the shops which is a Irish Tea Room and The British Shop both selling real Irish/British things HP saurse, short bread and twead jackets.
We are in the middle of wine country in fact its the same road we traveled last time, the rest place we stopped to last year was shut as past it, that’s an odd feeling somthing so alive a year ago is now all closed.
We have a dinner at the skylon tower tonight so its a little meet the people before we move on so if anything happens I will post an extra at the end of the night if not may I say have good night and may you be well


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