Celestial Navigation or Running For The Boarder

Ok we are not traveling at night but it sounds better than “Which ways north”
Its 8:00 am bags loaded, safety talk all done wheel rolling. Our driver is not Roger but Stev, so far that’s all know right now. The idea of today is to get Candan, travling under the lincon tunnel to leave NYC, entering New Jersry which all still glass and steel.
Out of New Jersry on Interstate 80 as the green grass lands have given way to small housing groups, small brick offices and shops, out posts really as under all the green grass are wetlands.
The outposts are getting a little bigger as the wetlands are now rivers, the problem the interstate are the huge block fencing which appears hiding the rest of wildlife.
On the inside of the motorcoach people are slowly waking up as Nancy goes around learning about everyone and trying to teach us about how things will hopefully run. It a strange feeling to hear someone stand up and talk, and not know want they will say next. The few weeks of work I could do Brian’s befing in my head. But now want fills my head are the facts, figures and the views out of the window.
The Delwear Water Gap were the people of New York state come camp, hike and just in genral enjoy being away from all the cazry, the odd thing is that few miles down interstate 380 now, we will be traveling though the land ripped apart by Carnagie and his mining and steel mills.
We stopped at a Flying J the only sign I can find says New Milford 4 Gibson 3 so were are back on Interstate 81 it looks like, a few of the people are comparing last year hoilday to this one which I don’t think fair just let it be sit back and enjoy want your doing now.
Nancy is talking about wants going happen today and tommorw so we will have rough idea of there is come. We now on the DC days and nights I am not going to tell you about any of that beaause that would be  jummping ahead, and were’s the fun in that.
We stopped at Corning a glass making town, We pizza if it had been at home it would have class as almost half, but here its a slice I don’t know how but it was a very thin base and very good.
Its 2:07 pm now and we are back on the road agian, Nancy told us we are going lose the use of the Wifi on the bus when were in Canda so that upset a few people and not the people you think. I post this blog at the end of the day so I don’t much care.
On interstate 380 heading north and people are happy filling form for the trips and meals so the motorcoach is at pace.
The wide open space I see out of my widow is more green pachwork mountins and hills 36 miles outside of Corning is all farms or that’s want they look like only I do see any livestock just red brans and panited homes.
The flat lands are here as we travel though plowed corn felids Nancy has put on a DVD about the falls which I will talk more about tomrrow, as for now we are passing small wood houses its only when we pass shcools or suptermarktes do they look real.
Interstate 190 and over the river we go, which is still full of ice huge chunks as big as a truck so we are going to walk behind the falls tomrrow damm I am racing ahead.  Boarder time here we go
So we got though and walked along the falls, like I said the maid of the mist has not open yet and by the looks it will be when the ice has melted but with the ice being so big and so thick it may even be next year.
Its 9:39 pm the Stanley cup is on the TV I had dinner at the outback stake house the only meal that I have eatten completly (right size and not hiding more that just want you order) I think I have run my mouth a lot today so I think I will end today


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