New faces, Old Hands Or The Sight and Sound of NYC

The tours starts now, the last days Me and Dad rows and fell on what we wanted to do and how we moved about. But today the Cosmos Archers Tour begins. Our tour director is Nancy (I forgot her last name) who as far as I can tell sounds Kyra Segwich, it did says our motorcoach driver would Roger I am yet to find if its the same one as last year I will let you know if that happens. But our city tour guide was Eddy (yes that one) this time I was able to get him on video so you should able to get an idea of want I was talking about.
As for the other people on tour there are 45 all together I havn’t had time meet them all or even talk yet.
Travling around New York though the Upper West Side, down to Times Square, The Flower District to name just a few, seeing the things over again but this time being told about each in turn, is like seeing them with fresh eyes even Grand Central.
We endded the tour this time two docks down from 49th street and the Intrepid Sea, and Space Museum so we both knew were to go after the river/sea tour yes I did say sea because the waters that flow around Manhattan is trideal.
Taking a trip around the Manhattan seeing it from a boat really makes the place looks small you can see the gaps between the skyscrappers as well as the movemet of people and cars, all trying to get somewere at top speed. Just like the tour with Eddy I have many photos and even some video which I will be post somewere soon.
So after the boat its back walk the streets into the park heading up to Columbus, today is Saturday so the park is full, and I do mean full, all the world and his wife were sitting in the tall grass, playing ball you name it people were free to follow all rules of the park.
The sound of people enjoying the sunshine and the simple fact of just being, it was only when we were leaving the park do all that melt away to be replace by the sound of one man playing bach pacefully to amazmet and delight of more that 40 people.
In this 24 hour 7 day week city with all its maddness, flashing lights and crazyness, the only thing that made the people stop was the most simple of things


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