A New York Minute or A New York State of Mind

Full day number two, so here we go walking from the hotel though the park its 10:00 am there is no set plan just to walk and look around. Cenrtal Park is paceful at this time of the day, just a few tour groups and people take more photos. The wildlife are happy moving about even some of the squirals stop for photos,
Passing the lake we walked to the Ramble and around toward Turtle pond. I think we must have pass Strawberry Fields but I didn’t really pay much mind.
The funny thing about the park everthing is named as if its come out of old english farm book. Sheep meddow being the oddist one I don’t think there has ever been a single sheep ever on it. But I would love to see someone drive a 100 sheep up 7th Ave.
We followed 7th into Times Square which all lights cammra action, the world is watching and everyone wants there photo taken by the icons which are just really light adventing signs.
So from Times Square we walk to Rockerfeller Center we reach it around 10 am and they were queing out the door. To take the ride to top and look out across the inland, which really an amazing viwe, So once again if want to do that get before 9 am once your up there take your time, heading pass St. Bartholomew’s on Lexington we headed down walking to the Chrysler Building, next to it was a food maket with each end of the street  shut off we were able to move though them. You name it people were selling it bead, rolls, meats and cheses and that was just one half, the other was everything and anything with New York worte on it hat, shrits even phone cases.
To stand in the middle of this crazy city, cars scraming around anyone, lights flashing, people looking until the crossing light changed then carrying on by just like the song a new york minute from the seconds lights change red to green.
Its just same standing in Grand Cental Station the mass of people moving around from track to track or down to the subway. I stand on the steps and look down on it all, its a odd feeling watching the world go by watching the New York state of mind at work.
Down 49th street heading to Donna Bell’s I said I would be back, and I was it was the middle of the afternoon by now so people were in for there coffee’s and cakes some how it don’t feel as crazy as the q’s I saw everwere else.
Full of food again so its  slow walk thought the theater district and then once again the park which now full of people and cazy mad push bikes. Home to the hotel and a lazy afternoon and evening.


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