Lady liberty or “give me your tired.”

We take the east ferry No. 1 from down into the heart of NYC I make it sound simple and buying ticket (which $2.75 one way) is very but try to get on the train is a total other thing. Think about the most crowned place you have ever been a times it by 10. People who have rode it will know want I am talking about if all you have done is it on flim them get ready to sit in someones coat pocket until hit time square when the train emptys and you can breath once agian.
So if you get the subway from 79th just be sure you like people, and your not scarried of the dark.
Leaving South Ferry We (me and father) walked five minutes though The Battery its self (a green space at the end of new york island) to ferry Statue Cruise. We had brouh our ticket before even leaving home at a cost $18.00 each so in pounds that around £14. We had tickets for 12 in the afternoon but we went though the check points. (You put everything you carry in big grey trays so they and you go metal detectors) Walking onto the boat without even moving from the dock the photos start, the skyline of NYC and the Hudson River, all iconic.
The boat moves and so do the people wide shots of Lady Liberty over and over again, with each shot we get cloeser and cloeser.
Slowly we leave the boat and it become National Park which means a lot amazing people in brown hat and ligher brown uniforms pasting on information going out of there way to help everyone.
There was a free audio tour we got as part of the ticket, but we didn’t take it, wanting to just exploe ourslef
Walking around the base even more photos of the NYC skyline, then the Lady herself rising out of the mist hold her torch high to the sky. We had pedestal access to, and turst me its worth it but watch out for the steps and narrow walk around. But there she still stands welcoming all and everyone want else can I say.
Now we come to the real part of the tour Ellis Island, the gate way to new world, with just the clothes on there backs, making the trip across the vast ocasn in steam ships, hoping for a new life.
When you frist walk in there is a small area that trys to explan about the movement of people around the world who came to the Ameraica, but it all feels somewhat to removed as if it all to long ago.
But before you give up and just start taking picutes agian, go and watch the 45 minute flim which runs in number One therath, it a few years old but its the real story of the people who used Ellis Island at it high. Before the flim there is a little Q and A by a ranger which adds even more to the feeling of want the buliding once was.
Then we when up stairs to the hall were the people queued as there names from ships manerfest were read and the yes and no were given to enter the US, You have to just stand there and let it just sink in. 3,000 a day came thought those doors.
All I ask is that you stand behind on the desks in the hall and think about want happend there, and if you could say no just one of those people who made trip half way around the world.
Leaving the ferry at the battry. we walked to the Brooklyn Bridge thought and past Wall Street and following FDR Drive northward, I am making it sound simple but belive me it was block after block of hot dry streets and crossing lights which last all of five seconds so you got to be fast.
Now finding the bridge is the easy part and even walking the step up it that’s fun, what is hard is the people and push bikes. The walk way is a four person wide wood planked path, the problem is that is to two way movement you people comming towards you and people who will stop to take photos. And then the push bikes who don’t stop ever. So watch out.
Its worth all that as there are two huge ach ways were you get the best photos looking back over the city and East River so take your photos there.
Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo and Vinegar Hill you can see them all from the last achway, if you leave and down the frist set of steps then trun left you reach Dumbo, and the beach yes there is real sand beach only the size of three seater but its real.
Walking back over the bridge down FDR Drive back to South Ferry you have to trun almost back on yourself to find the One train back up town this time we got a seat until we got to Time Square all the rush hour (6:00) got on and I had to count stops so my advice to you is mark out your stop and try to make sure your standing up one stop before you need to.


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