The Cold Open or 21 Day in the USA.

From sea to shining sea, from the east coast to west, From the Atlantic to the Pacific. Beginning in New York and ending sitting on the dock of the San Francisco Bay, 21 days in the USA
That wasn’t meant to sound like a song, but there you have it.
Once again in early hours for the moring, I find myself  waiting for a united airlines to take me and my father over the atlantic ocean to the east coat of the USA and newak airport for our holiday the splendous of the east and west.
Its only fouth time I have been in plane and just like the last time, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride. A plane to me is one big coach only with smaller windows and a few more people inside I was able to sleep a little lets hope I can do the same this time.
This is my cold open before things really get going so let me outline a few things and talk about what I plan to do,
Like the last time I am going write about everything and anything I see and hear, but unlike the last one not in one big block it will be day by day. Step by step, mile by mile. All with funny little titles even one or two may have photograhs, (the rest will be posted on my flikr page and instargram) And hopefully with use of my new phone post to my you tube space to. The blogs will written at the end of the day and posted here as soon as I find a free wifi stop, the same with any video.
As you may have guessed by now there could be one or three spelling mistakes. But I hope that you come with me on this journey and adventure as I once again see life from the other side of pond.


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