Let Me Take You Down Page 34

Alec was the first to enter the house turning to his right and pushing open a second door followed by Ian, Kyra and Charlie
He found himself in a brightly coloured front room the right side of which was taken up by a huge white leather settee and a armchair, on the other side of the room were two alcoves each side of a wall mounted gas fire over it hung a framed picture of a family, in alcove closest to the window was a television the other a full bookcase and music centre
In the far wall was an open door leading into a equally colourful soft yellow kitchen, as well as more pictures only this time they shown two children a baby in the arms of a young girl, Kyra unzipped her coat and took out the file then walked across to look at the pictures on the far wall and did a quick comparison, Charlie moved to stand by the television and took out his notepad
“Please sit down.”
Lisa moved around the room and sat down in the armchair, Alec and Ian took places on the settee
“Now, what can I do for you ?”
Alec picked a spot just above Lisa’s head, but Ian started to talk
“My colleague is from Manchester, Miss Blake.”
Lisa’s face changed from puzzlement to one of vague understanding
“I see it has something to do with my ex-husband, What’s he done now.”
Alec felt something tense.
“Could I ask when was the last time you talked to him.”
“Not for a few days why ?”
this time was Alec who spoke
“You have a daughter with this man.”
“Jenny, why ? has something happened ?” she asked her voice almost a whisper
Alec blinked inside his head he swore
“I am afraid…”
Suddenly and horribly Lisa got the point of were Alec was going, In a very small voice deep within Lisa came out a question
“Please tell me, what happened ? were is she ?”
Alec put out his arm
“This morning I found what we believe to be…”
Something deep inside Lisa gradually buckled and tears began to fill her eyes.
“No not my little girl… you’ve made a mistake… she’s with Tony…its all a sick mistake.”
Alec took his hand and reached in his coat taking out a handkerchief which he gave Lisa, but all she did was hold it, Ian glanced across the room to see Kyra had disappeared into the kitchen looking for something th calm Lisa, there was the sound of running water and in a few seconds she was back carrying a small mug.
With shaking hands Lisa took the mug and tried to drink from it.
“Your wrong it’s a mistake.”
Then she have pictures, I want to see them, I am her mother.”
Charlie looked over at Alec who just nodded, he slowly went though the file and found a picture were Jenny had her eyes shut looking at peace and show it to Lisa
She looked at the picture for a few seconds everyone held their breath, and watched as slowly all the colour saw Charlie holding the file
“You drained out of her face and her eyes were now cold pin points of tears, she sank deeper into the armchair like a rag doll, with pain and shock Lisa let go of both the mug and picture, Alec was just in time to catch it before it hit the carpet, but the picture just floated down to her feel.
“Is there anyone you would like us to call.”
Kyra reached into her own coat for her phone, Lisa looked up at her as if seeing her for the first time.
“My mother I…”
Lisa moved around to her left towards a small table with tears in her eyes she picked up a small sliver phone and dialled a number
“Mum its me…” she whispered into the phone
But that was all she could do before a second wave of grief hit, she crumbled dropping the phone and the tears came too.
Alec reached across and picked up the phone
“Hello, Mrs Blake my name is Alec Prideaux, I’m with the police, I have some news about your granddaughter.”
There was no sound on the other end of the line.
“Mr Prideaux, I didn’t drive.”
Alec turned and looked across at Ian
“Ok were are you ?”
“15 Battersby Street just off Rochdale Old Road.”
Ian stood up, walking across the room taking out his own phone.
“I will be with you in ten minutes.”
“Thank you Mr Prideaux, We’ll be waiting.” There was a small click ending the call
Alec put the phone back on the small table.
“I am sorry to ask this Miss Blake, but could we see Jenny’s room.” Kyra asked


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