Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Tim Prasil

The last post on this Blog was a repost by Mr. Tim Prasil ( a man who specializes in writing speculative fiction, audio and stage plays.

I first came across his work, when I heard his audio story The Magic of the Movies (A tale of suspense told late at night around a Hollywood bar…) as part of the Decoder Ring Theatre Summer show case, then The Crasher (another chilling tale of suspense from a world just beyond the borders of our own.) then came Thinking In Ternary.(What makes a mind? Is it the ability to calculate? To learn? Or without the power of the imagination is there something missing essential to life itself?) all are worth hearing over and over again.

But it was when, DRT gave Mr. Prasil is own summer show case ( did I really understand the talent of this wonderful writer, Six stories all link by two words “Marvellous Boxes”. the only way I can describe them is to say, that they are The Twilight Zone of the pod-cast world. I would even go as far as saying Mr. Prasil writing is on the same level, sometimes better than Rod Serling.

And with his Vera Van Slyke Help For The Haunted ( which is all about a ghost hunter who lives in the early 1900s he adds yet another string to his bow.

I could sit here and list everything that Mr Tim Prasil does but then there would no need for you to visit his own page and see for yourself so here is the link and may you find yourself loving his work as much as I do


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