Let Me Take You Down Page 33

as they came round he put the car into the right lane facing a network of lanes most of them travelling wide and to the right.
At a set of lights Ian chose to stay on the right as they made their way around the curve of the road, the two lanes travelled level with each other until they passed an orange and grey building selling pre-packed flooring, the road opened up even wider as two lanes became three, two which made there way arise heading past a small bus shop and a row of shops.
Ian carried on past the shops but stayed on the right hand side of side the road, facing them as they moved along the road was a white coloured pub called ‘The Dusty Miller’ just as before the road split but this time into four each side of the pub, As the light went from red to green the sky filled with dark clouds then ruptured, spitting out a huge sheet of rain, Ian drove thought the lights and followed the road around to the right of the pub, but two thirds of the way up the road it became two and a short incline.
On each side of the road were houses, until it curved again this time to the right and houses were replaced with a small stone and fence, just as the wall ended there was a small junction travelling down into Woodhill Road.
Ian slowed down and took the turning, it lead pass into a mixed housing estate on one side were brick council houses and other smaller sand stone, the road split off to the right and the road became bumpy, Charlie noticed it was a cobble street for the next four yards, then tarmac again.
As they made there way down the road it was clear that most of the council homes were privately own with differently coloured boors and windows, the road became narrow with traffic claming measures the road spilt off again but this time to right.
The turn lead deeper into the estate it was set out in a half moon shape, trees lined each side further back off the road lay the houses in front of a few were parking spaces, Both Charlie and Kyra counted the numbers as Ian drove the car about half way around until he found a space just next to a tall green tree only a few feet away from number 45, but with the rain it seemed longer.
Ian switched off the engine and the sound of the rain beating down on the roof was the only thing they heard, Ian took a deep breath and undid his belt, Alec was the first to get out of the car, Charlie was next standing just under the tree, Kyra did the same by sliding along the back seat pushing the file into her coat, Ian slowly opened his door and driven under the tree, Alec was standing a few feet away hands deep in his pockets, his coat pulled to each side letting the rain just fall all over him.
“Let’s go then.”
Alec headed towards number 45, Charlie, Kyra and Ian followed a few steps behind.
From a distance number 45 looked just like the other semi-detached houses in the row, with the same PVC windows and dark brown front door, it was only when you got to the front gate could you tell that whoever lived here had taken time to add there own personality, the garden may have only the size of a stamp and covered over in grey stone flags but around the edge someone had put small flower boxes full of yellow and blue blooms.
In what Charlie guessed was the front room windows were long white vertical blinds on which was cast the shadow of someone moving around the room, the up stairs windows were yellow pulled down blinds, looking back down at the front door Alec saw even as the rain came down one of the widows were open letting in fresh air he opened the gate and crossed the garden in three strides.
He waited until the others had joined him and slowly reached for the door bell, as he did though the open window he heard the sound of a woman singing.
“Got me lookin so crazy right now your kiss, got me hopping you’ll save me right now.”
In his head Alec join in with the next few words, he took a deep breath and pushed the bell hard it rang with a loud ping, a few seconds later the sound of the singing stopped and the music was switched off and the shadow disappeared
“Just coming.”
Nothing happen, Alec glanced back at the others then back at the door as he heard the sound of a lock being opened.
A little puzzled and bewildered looking first at Alec then Ian and the others, was an auburn woman dressed in a baggy white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans with red flowers running down then she had nothing on her feet, she didn’t look a day over 25, her soft blue eyes told a different story in the corners there was thin age lines, it was clear she had been dancing
“Yes can I help you ?”
The woman brushed her hair out of her eyes, Alec was taken a back a little, then Ian stepped in,
“Mrs Lisa Blake?”
“It’s Miss, but never mind, what do you want ?”
Alec pulled himself together and took a deep breath
“Miss Blake, we’re the police, may we come in?”
The rain was getting heavier now, pushing Alec’s fringe down his face, Lisa glanced from Alec then Ian moving her feet around on the rough door mat
“Do you have any kind of ID?”
Each in turn took out their ID’s and show Lisa
“Thank you.”
Lisa handed back Kyra’s ID and stepped to one side
“You better come in.”


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